Month: June 2017

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web site reconstruction

here at tgc 2017 we decide to reconstruct our old web site .

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Last Northern Power House

The papers you are going to read is lefted from 2065, when the robots take control of human and rule them by the power they had gifted by human.

Burnley, Wigan and Hull are the only cities in the North that are left standing.

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Honey Bunny : photo booth

Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny is an very entertaining and app for moms, dads and kids.

take a photo with honey bunny and add stickers, it has a lots of cute stickers to make your photo much more cute.

you can enjoy the monthly challenge of cutes photo with honey bunny contest and receive your reward.


– take photo with rear and front camera

– 60 cute sticker and 8 cuter frame

– import photo that taken before

– save in custom gallery and view them with in app

– share your very cute photoes to Facebook , Instagram, Telegram, … in an instant

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Windy fall

With the shiny colored paper hills covered by beautiful pinwheels we sit and stare at the fantastic fall which will feel by a sneeze that draw us the “Windy Fall” . The field of pinwheels come to life by a little blow!

The Windy Fall is designed for sending greeting messages by the following options:
– Blow into the microphone to create the wind.
– Depth of field by panning over the screen.
– Customizing your message.
– Show/hide your message by tapping on hanging leaf.
– Record all scene events to have a short video clip.
– Save your recorded video in the Camera Roll or share it over the net (Youtube, Facebook, Email,…).

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Mr Head : The boy next door

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